Solemnity brings together delegations, authorities and academic community at the opening of the IESO 2015

Published: Monday, 14 September 2015


About 300 people were gathered in the morning this Monday (September 14th), in the auditorium of the Palace Casino in Poços de Caldas, to honor the opening ceremony of the ninth edition of the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), which has bein promoted by the International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO) and carried out this year by the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the South of Minas Gerais (IFSULDEMINAS). This is the first time that the event is organized in Brazil.

Twenty eight delegations, representing participants and observers of the scientific Olympiad countries, as well as officials, representatives of partner institutions and the academic community. To compose the grandstand, we had the rector of IFSULDEMINAS and the event host, Professor Marcelo Bregagnoli, and the President of the International Organization of Education in Geosciences (IGEO), which promotes the IESO, Rajasekhariah Shankar; Secretary of Vocational and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (SETEC / MEC), Marcelo Feres, and the Director of Development of Setec / MEC, Luciano Toledo.

The 23 teams vying for the competition entered the auditorium with the flag of their countries: Brazil, Australia, Austria, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine and the United States. Some countries participated as observers, Argentina, Bolivia, South Africa, Malawi and Iran.

Marcelo Bregagnoli, the rector of IFSULDEMINAS, spoke about the importance of involving the entire institution in carrying out the Olympics. "It all comes down to the word “team”, an event of this size only occurs when people are actually involved in its organization and IFSULDEMINAS has an excellence in this regard, by mobilizing capacity. This event provides an effective action for the insertion of the institution in society."

Upon receiving the word, the president of IGEO, Rajasekhariah Shankar, was keen to thank the creators of the event, especially to the Professor Marcelo Bregagnoli, the Secretary of Vocational and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (SETEC / MEC), Marcelo Feres, and the director of Development of Setec / MEC, Luciano Toledo. In addition, he thanked the nations that came to the IESO 2015 only as observers and said in Portuguese: "I am very happy to be here today". According to Shankar, the IESO is not just a competition – it is the opportunity to enhance and popularize knowledge of earth sciences, and adds: "We are moving in the right direction." The researcher concluded his speech wishing that everybody may learn more, make friends and have fun, as young people are the future of the planet.

The member of the Scientific Committee of the IESO, Roberto Greco, was invited to the stage to talk about the format of the tests (theoretical and practical) which this year have been restated. According to the professor, the tests will require more reasoning on the part of candidates, and less memorization. Students will have to reflect in order to answer the questions, which will connect all spheres surrounding the planet Earth, as the lithosphere (rocks), hydrosphere (water) and the atmosphere (gases). In addition, the issues include the relationship of the Earth to the solar system - the influences on the tides and the biosphere, as well as on various existing natural phenomena.

The ceremony was attended from the 29th Military Police Battalion of Poços de Caldas, who led the national anthem and a forró presentation - a form of dance typical of the Northeastern, and a samba presentation, to show a bit of Brazilian culture to foreigners, which drew public applause.

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